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Outstanding District Level Partnerships of the Year

Energy Conservation and Utility Management with Florida Power & Light

FP&L developed the "Energy Tools for Schools" conservation program to help the District achieve its environmental strategic goal. FP&L believed that by improving all stakeholders in this effort, not only could the District realize substantial reductions in electrical consumption, but it could also promote the importance of energy conservation and the environment.

Each school and center selected a staff member to be the Energy Coordinator. Energy Coordinators selected other staff members and students to form a team. The team then worked with the District's Energy Conservation and Utility Management department to develop and implement a plan to save energy.

In the first year, 92% of schools and centers reduced electrical consumption when compared to the two previous years of data. Forty-five percent had reductions of 10% or more. Total reduction for the District averaged 7.10%. The team approach helped the District to reduce electrical usage by 42,216,361 - kilowatt hours, which, in turn, allowed the District to reach the goal of saving $4,500,000 in electrical costs.

Examples of the team approach could be seen across the District. At Panther Run Elementary, a team of students called "The Energizers" patrolled the light switched and on/off buttons for computers and printers. At South Plantation High, a group of students known as "Power Rangers" swept across the campus before winter break to make sure classrooms were appropriately shut down. Programs like "How Low Can We Go" at Driftwood Middle tracked electrical usage on a bulletin board. Schools within the same Innovation Zone competed with one another to see who could save the most electricity. Student environmental groups used electrical usage data to see how much they reduced their "carbon footprint". The "Energy Tools for Schools" partnership with FP&L continues to be a huge success for the District.

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