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Performance Contracting

Performance ContractingOne of the main ways the District is achieving reductions in utility usage is by a program called Performance Contracting”. In 1998, the School Board of Broward County, Florida (SBBC), issued “RFP 98-379V, Energy Management Performance Contracting Services.” The purpose of the RFP was to identify and select the most qualified energy services contractors to perform retrofits to our schools, which would reduce the District’s utility usage.

An SBBC Evaluation Committee selected four successful contractors to initiate the first phase of Performance Contracting. Initially, a total of 30 schools were divided among the four contractors. A Technical Energy Audit Agreement was approved by the Board and issued to the contractors. Each contractor then surveyed their assigned schools and performed Technical Energy Audits.

When submitted to the District, these audits are reviewed by in-house staff, that have qualified background and expertise regarding energy performance contracting. Once staff approves the proposed energy conservation measures and associated savings, an Energy Services Agreement is submitted to the Board for approval. In phases 1, 2 & 3 (phases indicate a group of schools contracted to start the program) of Performance Contracting, members of the Executive Leadership Team (previously referred to as Senior Management) and the Board, have approved the agreement before work commences. Once work is completed, the savings measurement and verification begin. The Energy Services Contractors’ staff, which include State licensed engineers, prepare monthly measurement and verification reports. These are reviewed by District staff that is trained on the utility bill comparison software, mechanical/electrical engineering calculations, and other manual savings calculations.

If the measured savings do not meet or exceed the savings guaranteed by the contractor, then the contractor must write a check to the District to cover any shortfalls. Based on the success of Phase 1, the District expanded the project through Phases 2 and 3.

To date, 111 schools have been retrofitted, and $16 million dollars have been avoided in utility and operational costs.

Phase Four of Performance Contracting is now under way. At a December Board retreat a presentation was given regarding Performance Contracting, Background on the project including the total utility savings to date along with the cost of the improvements were discussed. Following up this meeting was a Board Agenda item which approved the start of five additional schools for one of the four vendors. Board approval to grant authorization to have the other three vendors perform Energy Audits and the associated work to install the proprosed Energy Conservation Measures will be scheduled for upcoming Board meetings to complete Phase 4. It was the Board's opinion that after Phase 4 is complete, the District should issue a new RFP for subsequent phases. This will ensure that the District evaluates and selects the best vendors currently available in the market place to perform our energy conservation measures."

*Update on September 30, 2010 — Unfortunately, due to budget constraints this program will be put on hold until funding becomes available.


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